Monday, 31 July 2017

The Sun 2017

The sun is the largest  star in the solar system who ever there are meanes stars like it in the wider universe.The Earth is just the right distance from the sun.The l plant is not to hot all to cold.The light from the sun takes 8 mint to reach Earth and gives life to plants.Astronauts will never be able  to land on the sun is reach 5000 500 degrees celsius one humeas time than humans can stand.The sheer size of the sun means that it gravitational pull forces all the plants tob our solar system to orbit around it born 5 billion years ago the sun has been producing and light for a very long time.

Friday, 28 July 2017


First the light turned off ‘‘I look in the sky and there were stars in the sky’’.A UFO flew in the middle of the hall and we thort there was a aliens in there but then it land two aliens came out and Mr S and Mr J had to kill the aliens and they news there lightsaber Mr S had Blue lightsaber and Mr J had the red lightsaber.Then they killed the aliens. They were dead and  Mr J and Mr S were saved and Pt england school.Then it was time it is time for team 1 saw they said that they were going to writing about the space and the moon and the sun.Then there was a movie about it.It was like they sing a song and they went into the universe and look at the sun the moon and the universe.Soon it was time for team 2 and they sing a song about the universe.Next was team 3 we are doing time like going flew time and there was a movie for the team 3 that they made it was just the teachers that made it.It  was about time some of them was some DJ and they were Mrs King and Mrs moala then it was Mrs Eadie playing with the leaves she had lots fun.After it was Mr Moran he was anna sing ‘‘let it go let can’t hold it any more. Then Mr  Moran called Mrs King saying what are we doing on monday and she said Mr Moran you are so funny then Mrs Eadie said what are we doing on monday and then Mrs king said look on your email that I send you then it was finished. Finally it was time for time team 4 show dear movie for the movie was little year 5 and 6 were telling them what them to do 2 teachers were in a rocket shep a kid counted down his name was jorn he counted like this 10 9  5 8  2 1 then he laughed and got excited and then we all smiled because he was funny.  After that it was time for team 5 there the teachers went up on the stage they sing moana but they charge it around  they dress up then they put stars on them to look like they went up into the space.At last it was time for class we went back to class and we Writing about assembly.


My new plenet. 2017

As I went to a new planet I saw some aliens they were black and they had red eye it was so scare because they kill people so bad. They do not news plans they news satellite some time they take off our internet off and the poles were little kids they kill people in jail because they never even like people like no one . Even if the girls hit the boys the girls go to jail and dead some off them stay at jail for ever.There is no school because the teachers kill little kids people now. But  a happy man came his name was michael he changed the  word by giving great shoes to people because that was the only word the was poor land then he made food for all of the people because their was no families because one liked people  than  michael he came one of the Best kings  he help people he done everything for people and tell a bad man came his name was ozzy he knew that someone came and took his spot on the the chair  for the king of the word so ozzy came back from samoa  to his land to fight michael so he was their then a girl called Mia she  lived in the poor side said to michael ‘’ our king is going to come to fight you’’.So he got really he was their they fight for the word so ozzy said if i win you get of my land and we kill you then michael said if I win you dead to defe and I get the land then ozzy said dely and michael said dele then they fight ozzy lost and then michael won but michael did not kill ozzy he let him go and no one nowhere ozzy even went. Even everyone lived happily everywhere.


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Thank-you Rachel for this you are the best.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

13.winter journey

Today Australia with my mum we went to the McDonalds me and my cousin had a cheeseburger everyday the TV remote changed because you know the numbers. for 100 it has changed New Zealand it's is 700 and if you want to go on 101 it's 707 and if  why to go to Burger King it is different  because they colour everything purple and you know gear box it is purple he drinks is purple I had a burger but wasn't  purple it was normal it was delicious one I had chicken nuggets. my cousin leket  one of the chicken nuggets she mixed it all nuggets then I did not get to eat my  chips And my burger but it was store yum.

12.winter journey

Today we went to the night markets but we went in the  night  because it's was at night. I had cotton candy and a kebabs and some salad with meat it sounded very  very delicious. My brother's had butter chicken they like it  very much my mum and dad had goats and pork and last but not least speak they enjoyed it because it was very very delicious. We went to get some ice cream roll  I had a cookie and cream one. My  brother's had the same.My  mum had strawberry but my dad had chocolate. They said it was very delicious and I think it was Delicious.  Then we went home but we walked home because we live very close to the night market.

11.winter journey

File:Shoping calçados Jaú 150606 REFON.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Today we went shopping. Me and my mum went to buy me some shoes for church. they were brand new it's was from Rebel Sport because my mum and dad because they said no one has more sports gear then Rebel Sports they have tons of shoes. then we went to buy food at the food court I had a cheeseburger with ice cream with chocolate syrup on it and some fried chips. Then we went to the farmers to find some clothes for church and for somewhere to do everywhere and some dresses.I  tried lots of dresses and they look super super good looking on me and my mum because my brother's they went my dad to buy their own clothes then we went for some ice cream had ice cream with vanilla and chocolate on the outside which was hard then we went back home and tried them again and really really liked it

10.winter journey - Wikimedia Commons

Today I went to the pools. with my church we had to look for the  Coin because I meant Court Timor  through coin into a water  we had to look for it so we can get points for our team the teams were skuxx deluxx  9th power  and the  Fobalicious and last but not least the team that I was in I don't know.So each team got a lot of points move it back to church  add our  points on then we finished the camp so we went so we had prizegiving  so 4th  place was 9th power.   third place was I don't know. Second place was  skuxx deluxx.Then they said Dumbo roo please  and it was the Fobalicious . Then we all got our prices and we eat chocolate and lollies Yay.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

9.winter journey

File:Toyogeki-Movie Toyooka002.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Today I went to the movies. I watched Spider-Man with my Church  because we had a camp be we give them money and now they news it for our camp. We went to the to this jumping Place and then we went to the pools. Then we went to church to have a little sleep it was get 2 Hours then we woke up and then played some games then it was time for Dinner.Then we went back to sleep but a movie was on it was boss baby. Then woke up and we went to the movies and there was two Options it was Spider-Man or Despicable Me. 5 people went to  Despicable Me and 28  people went to Spider-Man  and one of the 28 people were me. Spider-Man was longer than Despicable Me because Spider-Man was cooler Despicable Me. the cooles was Parts was then kc came into the  Spider-Man movie she  got the one of the questions right for her tournament across the word.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

8.winter journey

File:Sunset fishing pole at Occoneechee State Park (6076912041 ...
Me my dad went to go fishing we had lots of fun because we caught 3 snipers. It's big and large and we caught some crabs watch we ate  it's was very very delicious we always went fishing on every Friday to fishing.Sometimes we go get some ice cream and then we go fishing.Sometimes  we went  at night afternoon and in the morning  I caught a big Giant and the biggest fish ever then my family I in join eating my big fish. Then I was at home and my family had fish to eat then we went to sleep.

7. Winter journey

Going to jump is a fun place it is somewhere to have fun and enjoy with family but only fit people can go even Mr Moran can't go because he has flaps only Mr Wise men can go because he fit enough. Mrs moala can go because she is faster then Mr Moran. Also at jump has a dodge ball game it just a mini game. Also at jump give you free sock and you can keep it for ever and ever and also sticky at the bottom.  

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

6.winter journey

Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae | Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae | Flickr
Today we went to have had  Ice cream with mango chocolate syrup and chocolate cookie with cherries and strawberry. It was very delicious because it look good and taste good it taste like chocolates  chip mounted. Then I dip strawberry Then I ate it and it was very very good. Then I felt like Dancing and singing and playing games with my best friends her name is Eva and Jane and Feel like making slime and Mixing all together Then we went home and ate fish and chips and then you went to sleep.

5.winter journy

Hot Wheels SideWinder - Wikipedia Today we went to rainbows end we went on a scariest ride. We went up and  down up down and circles and then someone Pierced on the Roller coaster. Because they got  sick on the  Roller coaster Then we went to a scary movie once we get inside there was Zombies.coming out  so scary he pops out and lots of   clowns it looked like it was Halloween dear Lots of people ran out straight away because they were scared of the clowns. There was racing cars I went on the green car. We went up Superfast and we hit the ground super fast and we got very very tired.So we went home but then we woke up and we went to a park and we ate ice cream there.

Monday, 17 July 2017

4.winter journey

File:Tactix -7-April-15-cropped-01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons My cousin was playing netball her name is Lana. She was the goalkeeper. She was in the red team she had 10 scored it was a tough Game. She  Pass the ball a lot of people she finished the First Half she was in Centre  she started with the ball she passed it to a defence then the defence pass it to a goalkeeper then she scored then the Buzzer went because it was for the Second half. She was off that time she Cheered for her friend Lia she was goalkeeper Lana said go girl because she scored again for her time team then again she was on Fire she was very good then the Buzzer went then it was the Third  half Lana was in defence The other team had the ball They were going her way Because she had to block the goal attack they passed it to her but then Lana  jump and catch the ball she passed it fast to her teammates it's was her friend Lia send me a pass it  to a goalkeeper from My team then we scored we scored again again and again again it was the last half  she was off that time she did for her friends and her teammates and they  scored 10  times and her team one and they were the winners  my cousin was happy for the whole day.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

3.winter holiday journy

At the park I went on the swing I went so hi I ful and cryed but then we went to have some ice cream I was very happy now then we went to my nana house we play games and we had a chocolate cake to eat because it was my nanas birthday day we went to the donut shop to by some donut for my nanas birthday we went to buy some shoes for her and makeup for her she was very happy

2 winter holidays journey

After a rain it was a sunny day I went outside for a little play with my brothers we play rugby and I was with my brother Richard the best player in my family my and Richard had 22 try's and aj my another brother had 10  try's and then we helped my dad and mum to clan the house it was spot lit then we went to the pools a swim across the pool 5time and I got faster then my brother and dad and mum.

1. Winter holiday journey.

My  rugby game is a very hard game because you have to tackle people and put them on the ground and blow over the rug and get the ball.As I was raning they were looking the another games and I got a ran away. I was the full back they kit the ball and I had the in my hands and I pust it to my brother aj anda he had the try. Then the games finished they had 3 and we had 19 so we won I got player of the day aj got best tackles.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Taniwha 2017

This sunny day we went to the river and I saw a  creature with big sharp teeth and a scary  dark eyes and he had  the biggest moth in the word and he was  hiding in the long grass with some dead fish he got 5 grenmes ones and a big long tall with big long pointe horns and he had 6 and the creature and he said RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA lead that the word can hear the lead RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAA.

The Walkway

Looking at the clear glistening blue water sea walkway. Suddenly I stop  think to myself is this a good idea, before giving myself a chance to answer. I find myself jumping onto the slippery log. I skip from log to log. Splash. Slipping of log I land head first into ice cold water, with all my strength I swim across the water back to the beach.What an adventure.

Frosty and the BMX Boy 2017

Bombing into the deep blue sea a boy did a big bomb. It was great but then he came up he said to the man can you  do a bomb my nan can do bigger bomb than you and she is older than you.

Under the blue sky the BMX boy had a chat with the man.  He said I am god and the boy said you're not god.  He did a bomb but the boy said can you swim and he said yes I invented swimming.

Quickly god did a powerful bomb he went into the deep deep blue sea.God did a powerful bomb and he hit the water from the rocky cliff and he spinning  round and round and he did the biggest bomb, bigger then the boys nana

The Waka

In 1898 I want to the waka small the dog right on the  side of my nose it small like a dog came out from the water he smell like dead fish  that is Black

Then I went to lie down on the sand.I saw lot of people singing lot of song from their village.One of them were singing a song for their mum and dad. The boy was 13 years old.  The song was like this mum and dad you are so beautiful like me.

`Then I went to the waka .I hard a man fight a samoan man because he was eating the mori people food .So they fight for five day. Then  their mum  came because they were brother .Mum said I am so hungry. So the brother came to the mum with food.

Maori Village 2017

When I walk into this beautifully village in 1868 then I saw  a man that has white hair and he got a baby on has lap the baby was making lots of baby nose she was crying so loud  the man was so tayd he went to the corner of his village next to him a man that has block hair and eating food with girl and behead him and be head him was a lady that was very hungry she ask the man in frat of her can I have so me pls and he yes you can have so come and set next to me and have has much as you want so she was happy so I went into the village he saw lot of photos of people that are play around their village and then I walk into a room I saw lots of names that are people that live in the village and then small the village it small like dead fish and I saw a lady she that you doing I’am looking at the photos from the village but then I walk into the  village in look like so was praying  inside their village.