Friday, 19 October 2018

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Aboriginal Art symbol.

So Today we used Aboriginal Art symbols to create a story and this is a long story of people fighting to stay at there place so I hope you enjoy.

Recount Writing.


In the Holidays, I had white sunday,.The day before white sunday we went shopping for my dress but it wasn’t a dress it was a samoan Beautiful dress it was called (pulitasi)’’I think that how you say it’’. That was one of the most exciting day of my life ‘’ So far’’.

I went with my family there names are Ace (dad) and Fiatamalii (Mum) ,Richard (Brother),AJ (Brother).Our church is in Manukuku ‘’I think’’.It called Gateway international ministries.

I was so excited because I get to dance for jesus in front of my Church because this whole year I felt shy but now I don’t because I know jesus is with me.

It was time for my first dance and it was with my white sunday class we had heaps of energy. So our dance was finished when I went down I heard people say ‘’ You were so amazing’’ and that made my day and I felt happy.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


So this is Subtraction and it was so easy so  hope you enjoy.


So this is a screencastify  and I work with for Dmic was Kingston and SIveanah and they were amazing friends so hope you enjoy.


So Today I did Addtion and it was so fun so hope you enjoy.