Friday, 22 June 2018


Today I have done my animation and it is amazing.

cobycat and polygon tasks.


Today I was doing a coby cat polygon task and it was a little bite hard to find the shapes.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Polygon Tasks.

Today I did a polygon tasks. I had to do it all by myself because my teacher was helping some other kids with there work.


Today I did my reading.  I had to work with my friend Siveanah and she was so helpful.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Key competency portfolio.

Today I created a video and I had to explain what I did and I went thought it with you too. On my site I made mistake by put Understanding people but I was a post to put Understand symbols,languages and texts. Managing self means that means you have to control your self in class and when you are doing your work by your self. We also learned how to make a link, how to make pages.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Just kidding Book.

This is a just kidding book. I worked with mele she is a very smart girl and helpful and I got a little help from Miss West who is my teachers.

Matriki day recount.

Matariki Day Recount

Now that you have made a plan, it is time to write your recount in full sentences:

I was waiting on the mat for my name and room number to get called. So I could know what to do. I was so excited that time but lot of people were talking so I could not hear my room number so I waited . Then I heard my name I was in room 9 and 10 with my teachers they were so kind. We were about to make a class on air video.On matariki day..

2.But Oalii said I don’t want to do one’’ I was so disappointed that time at her’’.

Then I said to oioi ‘’ I will be over here in room 9 waiting for you’’ then she went to another girl she was a year 8 and she was samoan like me and my friend’s well some of them .

3.So I was a another waiting for me so I went with her but we had a plan ‘’ I will draw and she will pick the colours’’ ‘’She was not happy with the plan’’ so she went on the big mat and started to dances.Soon Oioi came and she was crying because her partner did not let her drawing in the matariki background because that was not part of the plan.

4. Then her partner came and took her from me I was so sad for her because she was a year 1 and she was so cute.So it was times for lunch time I was so hungry.what happened at lunch times is that I was playing handball with my friends they were so kind to me.

5. Lunch times done then the teachers said It times to finish up our work and get our bags and put it on our backs and seat on the big mat.We got to look at our movie we created early and it look very amazing.

                                 The End