Friday, 22 March 2019

The Ant and the Grasshopper.

WALT: understand new vocabulary.

Task description: First we had to meet with Mr Goodwin then we all red the story after that he showed us the task we had to do then we went off and did it.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

The Ants and the Grasshopper .

WALt: understand new vocabulary. WALt: understand new vocabulary. Task description: First we had to meet with Mr Goodwin then we all red the story after that he showed us the task we had to do then we went off and did it.

Friday, 1 March 2019

Up the Guts.

WALT: make connections with what we already know as we read the text

description: Today's task was to read the text and to do the task about para and shane who are brothers and sister.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Paul Jenning 2019.


  The Beginning.

Suddenly I wake up, in Samoa I wake up to a cow and a pig write in my face. She wonder why so She got up went to get change and then she went outside and saw raining cows and pig. She catched one pig and name it piggling because it keeps wriggling and it a pig ‘’and why not”.

                                            What happened

Maybe if She catch another one she might take it with me to my Parent house. she know that they will love it and maybe she can fly all the way back home in Landon to work about it in my labe with my coworkers.Or she catch heap and make a big fed with all of my family and friend because they have been doing a lot for me. But There something she don’t to caring on because I not want to all way have raining cows and pig it going to be loud and heaps of moon’s and heap of oink oink oink.Maybe She called not sleep for a long time and maybe her house might smell very bad. Then he just had to CALL 911 witch is the police so the police can tell the president and or the people can just march down to the president to give her too much thing to do or to much pressure and she has to deal with it.”Unlucky”. Then then president ask someone to make it End and i will give you 5.000 $
                    The Ending.

The the person that the president went straight to work for beauce it is the president and Beauces he really want the money ‘’ Here come the money money money money”.The president because he knows that the president is very rich and has the goddess house in samoa. Then he fixed the whole thing and it was kind of weird because how can do it so fast.

The Mission 2019.

Today our teacher our took us on a secret Mission. One thing we had do is to act like soldiers in the army.Those you’re teacher does that ?

First we went outside and went into two straight lines like the soldiers in the army.Then we marching outside in front of our class and it was like “training exercising” we alway had to do it right. Then had to say “ left Right” When we were walking”I meant Marching”. We always had to start we Left and then we got up to left.

Then Next exercising,
We had to do a sneak walk o the deck and it heelers around Room 11 like little silent like little ninja.Then we had to do it all the way to the field and there was one caption called Moui. He looked like he had big dream ahead of him.
The last exercise was!,

Was Fitness.” Ohhh know”. We first had to left one feet up and we had to try and balance one person feel down his name is kiteone is from samoa. One other person called Austin the “Mastermind” had never feel down when or Teacher try to push him down with one finger like “boom”.

But he never feel down because he is the “mastermind”.

We was kind of boring but fun at the same bradlly farts too.

Overall it felt like we were in the a Movie called and “Useless soldiers”.

WALT: Structure a recount correctly.
Task description: Today task was a Narrative writing and it was kind of like a test but it was actually and practise test.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Harry Potter 2019.

WALT: know what the expectations and routines are for reading time.

Description: Today we had to do a poster of harry potter because it was part of the task.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

My Waitangi day.

Yesterday it was Waitangi day.We first went to Mac’s to buy frozen coke and lime and blueberry and some Vanilla ice cream. Did we went to the beach because to was very hot like the hottest wing’s on Earth and will just boiling out sweat.but luckily we had frozen coke.

Then my cousin came over to go for swim because really wanted to go swim in the beach.After that we had to go home now because we got a bit tried and yesterday me and my Uncle went to go get him a new radio because he drop his last one the the garage and because he wanted a bigger one too and a louder one.

Overall we had lot fun because we got to hang out together like a big family.

WALT: use the structure of a recount to write about a holiday highlight.

Descripion: Today writing we had to write about our Waitangi day.