Wednesday, 19 July 2017

8.winter journey

File:Sunset fishing pole at Occoneechee State Park (6076912041 ...
Me my dad went to go fishing we had lots of fun because we caught 3 snipers. It's big and large and we caught some crabs watch we ate  it's was very very delicious we always went fishing on every Friday to fishing.Sometimes we go get some ice cream and then we go fishing.Sometimes  we went  at night afternoon and in the morning  I caught a big Giant and the biggest fish ever then my family I in join eating my big fish. Then I was at home and my family had fish to eat then we went to sleep.


  1. I love that you were able to go fishing with your dad! Mr Moala and I like to go fishing too! Where were you fishing? It must be a good spot if you caught three snapper and crabs!

    1. thanks your best from Nina