Monday, 17 July 2017

4.winter journey

File:Tactix -7-April-15-cropped-01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons My cousin was playing netball her name is Lana. She was the goalkeeper. She was in the red team she had 10 scored it was a tough Game. She  Pass the ball a lot of people she finished the First Half she was in Centre  she started with the ball she passed it to a defence then the defence pass it to a goalkeeper then she scored then the Buzzer went because it was for the Second half. She was off that time she Cheered for her friend Lia she was goalkeeper Lana said go girl because she scored again for her time team then again she was on Fire she was very good then the Buzzer went then it was the Third  half Lana was in defence The other team had the ball They were going her way Because she had to block the goal attack they passed it to her but then Lana  jump and catch the ball she passed it fast to her teammates it's was her friend Lia send me a pass it  to a goalkeeper from My team then we scored we scored again again and again again it was the last half  she was off that time she did for her friends and her teammates and they  scored 10  times and her team one and they were the winners  my cousin was happy for the whole day.


  1. Kia ora Nina,

    It is great to read that you had the chance to go to a netball game. I am actually going to my first ever live netball game at the end of August. Our family is going to see the Silver Ferns (the national women's team for New Zealand) play against the national team from England. They are called the 'Roses.' I can't wait!

    I hope that you have had a nice week and a good start to Term 3.

    Bye for now!


    1. frist time at your game well done you had it in you becauseyou are so amazing.