Thursday, 24 August 2017

Star done.2017

You need to write four paragraphs about your trip to the Stardome. They need to have a
topic sentence,
three details,
and a concluding sentence.

Remember! This is a recount - you need to describe what happened on your trip in order.

What did you do, see, and learn during each part of your trip?

To help you, there are some topic sentences to start off each paragraph.

Start writing here:

Yesterday, all the Year 3s and Year 4s got on a bus to go to the Stardome.Yesterday we went to star done and everyone was very excited to go on a bus to star done.Then we got on to the bus we sing a song called  little einsteins.

At the Stardome, we learned some really cool things about our solar system.  If you look up into the sky  one them are not a star because one of them is a plants it is  called Mercury .do you know that Mercury was the closest planet to the sun and it is so hot there and do you know that saturn his ring is not a big ring it is some smooth rocks. Then we went to this movie we had to look up into the sky plants.

When we weren’t in the Stardome, we were having fun outside.Then we were not in the  star done we played on a playground it had a flying fox and there's his wheel thing and the wheel go’s  round and round a Pol.We had fun going into this train track and it had lots of thing inside. me and my friend were play with Sivaenah little baby brother Tiger he was so cut.

After all this, we headed back to Point England School.Then we went back to school everyone was tired on the bus.Then we got to school but everyone was very sad because the teachers nevered  let the kids sleep in class.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Magic Numbers.2017

Today we are doing magic Numbers.

Shopping With Adam.2017

Shopping With Adam

What is Diabetes?
It is a bad thing that you do not want to have.
Why did Alice not like going to the supermarket with Adam?
Because never get loiils because if she get loiils his brother cry for some but he can not get any because he has Diabetes.
What things did they not buy at the supermarket?
Sweet and ice cream loiils.
Why did he speed up going past the chocolate?
Because they had to buy something next to the chocolate.
Who was at the supermarket with Adam?
His sister and his mum.
Why was Adam excited when they finished at the supermarket?
Because he had lots of sweet.

Phases of the moon. 2017

The amount of the moon that you can see from Earth depends how much it is leter by the sun. This sun changes each day the phases of the moon depends on it position in relation to the sun and Earth.Is the moon makes it way around the Earth we see the bright part of the moon's surface at different angles these camed phases of the moon it takes 29 days to orbit the Earth.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Frog. 2017

Jumping out of a tree I see a cricket floating on a leaf.I see a frog that came out of the tree it stretched his long tongue to a brown cricket. Flicking out his tongue to a cricket and eating it up in his big tummy.Then he eat him  up and then came back out and jumped on to his head and ran away from the slimy frog.

Monday, 14 August 2017

The season's.2017

The Seasons

Write the story into this Doc, the one you just did in your book.

Start your writing here:Seasons are caused because of the Earth’s changing position with the sun.The Earth travels around the sun orbit once a year as these Earth orbit the sun the amount of sunlight each plant on the plants everyday changes slightly this changes caused the seasons.We divide the year into 4th seasons spring summer autumn winter each season's last three months summer being the warmest seasons winter being the coldest and spring and autumn lying in between the season’s a lot’s of impact on twat happens on the Earth.

Helping my famliy. 2017

Today I help my mum clean the homes because I love her so much and she is the Best mum I ever had.Then I help my mum to do the laundry and help her fold it to.Then I help my dad make the food and Then I clean my room and my dad and mum room then we eat our yamm food and it was good my dad.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


Estimate and then measure each of these to the nearest centimetre.

My estimate
My measurement

Length of my index finger
Length of my right hand
Length of my right foot

Length of my left foot

width of this page

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Netball is a sport that was played in the olden days, everyone enjoys playing this sport. Netball was made in USA in 1895 it was called Women’s basketball it was just girls that could play.  Netball is an amazing game because girls and boys can play netball even people that are 70 can play that why it is any amazing game.  I love playing netball because I always be defence and we always win our games and we are could the J J J Jammers.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Moonwalking. 2017

Geyser of water and steam ...

Where is Taupo?
What is moonwalking?
Walking on some gas
What is a thermal area?
What is Grandpa doing?
Taking the kid’s to taupo.
What does the sulphur gas smell like?
Rotten egg’s
Why do they have to keep to the paths?
Because the gas go’s eveywhere and there are lot’s of small whol’s

Monday, 7 August 2017


Measurement Length
We are learning to: Estimate and measure the length of objects using centimetres.

Use your ruler to find objects around the classroom that are around 20 centimetres in length.

Less than 20 centimetres
About 20 centimetres
More than 20 centimetres

My chrome book.30cm Whiteboard Marker
My feet.20cm
Maths book.30cm
Mr Moran’s phone.14cm

We are learning to: Use our body part and a ruler to measure object in our classroom.

  1. On the ruler below mark the point from which you should measure.
2. Measure the object below using your hands and a ruler record the measurements in the table below.

Measure a small desk.
Measure your maths book.
2 hands
Measure a chair.
5 hands
Measure a large table.
14 hands
152 cm

3. Measure each side of these shapes with a ruler and write the length beside each side.


The moon was probably made 4.5 billion years ago.
When a large object hit The Earth and blasted out rocks that came together to orbit around the Earth. The moon is much smaller Than the Earth it is airless,waterless and lifeless.the gravity of the moon courses to high tides on the Earth every day.The first person to walk on  the moon was the USA Astronaut Neil Armstrong.The step out of his space craft the Eagle on 21 of july 1969 and said these famous words ‘‘that one small step for man,one giant leap for mankind’’.

Friday, 4 August 2017


Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 1.43.31 PM.png

Write the story into this Doc, the one you just did in your book.

Start your writing here:

The sun is the largest  star in the solar system who ever there are meanes stars like it in the wider universe.The Earth is just the right distance from the sun.The l plant is not to hot all to cold.The light from the sun takes 8 mint to reach Earth and gives life to plants.Astronauts will never be able  to land on the sun is reach 5000 500 degrees celsius one humeas time than humans can stand.The sheer size of the sun means that it gravitational pull forces all the plants tob our solar system to orbit around it born 5 billion years ago the sun has been producing and light for a very long time.

The green team.2017

The Green Team
Use the story to help you answer the question below. Answer using evidence from the text to support your answer.

Why did they want to have a garden at their school?
So they can win the competition
How would they win the competition?
They would to use vegetables from their school garden to make a special lunch for Mr and Mrs farrell.
What was the problem that they had?
They do not plant eggs
What does ‘sown’ mean?
Planting the seed
Why does the weather matter when you’re growing veges?
What was the great idea Mr Wetini came up with about the Silverbeet?
It was very good
‘Pots were steaming, pans were sizzling’ What’s the author trying to tell us?
That it was not going to be good.
Why did Mr Wetini grin when he read the letter out to the Green Team?

Duffy Book.2017

Screenshot 2017-08-04 at 10.31.26 AM.pngThank-you Duffy book people you are the Best.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


A yoyo is an ancient toy that children enjoy playing with. A yoyo was played with 1,500 years ago when they were toys in Ancient Greece its an old toy. I like doing some tricks playing with my friend and my family and having some fun.