Monday, 10 April 2017

Time Tables 2017

Today we are doing learning time tables for maths.

The Creek 2017

Today We went the creek and we saw trees and gardens and lots of Rubbish but Mr moran had some Rubbish bags and we got all of the Rubbish we saw a park and we had 10 minute on the playground then we had to walk back in lines to the school.

bindfold 2017

We wore blindfolds Today we went to the park  and we had a friend to trust on the park.  by a hat I was with Awhia I had I had to trust her to show me the way then I blindfold on the park I had to the monkey bars I fate scary like a cow because I feel like I was in a zoo being a Monkey with gold .latisha was my best friend she felt like she was in a good mood and mr moran was trusting sivaenah and jerry Billfold mr moran not being cybersmart.

Te Taiao o Tamaki 2017

Today we are keeping our world clean by picking up Rubbish and not dropping our Rubbish on the round or  the water if we put our Rubbish in the water the fish might die and then  we might get bad water and we might die.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Duffy Books 2017

To I was lucky and blessed to get my own Duffy book. Thank you heaps Duffy.