Saturday, 8 July 2017

1. Winter holiday journey.

My  rugby game is a very hard game because you have to tackle people and put them on the ground and blow over the rug and get the ball.As I was raning they were looking the another games and I got a ran away. I was the full back they kit the ball and I had the in my hands and I pust it to my brother aj anda he had the try. Then the games finished they had 3 and we had 19 so we won I got player of the day aj got best tackles.


  1. Talofa Lava Nina! I really enjoyed reading your blog about your rugby game. Congratulations on winning the game and on being named 'Player of the Day.' Way to go!

    If you enjoy blogging, I hope that you will join our Winter Learning Journey blogging programme. It runs from today (8 July) to the end of the holiday. You can join any time. To join in, simply log onto the Winter Learning Journey website and click on the Weekly Activities tab. You will find 21 different activities on the page that you can choose from. Each time you complete an activity and post a blog on your blog site I will read it, comment and give you points.

    I hope to see you blogging with us lots over the holiday!

    Cheers, Rachel :)

    1. Talofa lava Rachel I did it

    2. Talofa lava Nina - that is great news! I'm so glad that you have joined our learning journey this holiday.

      Cheers, Rachel :)