Monday, 30 October 2017

What the time Mr Wolf.

Paragraph 1: On a beautiful sunny day we played at the bottom field and we played a game called what the time Mr Wolf ‘‘and if you do not know how to play what’s  the time Mr wolf all you have to do is get your teacher to choose one kid to say what’s the time Mr Wolf and you have to stand in a line and your teacher has to turn around after you and yell the time.

P2:  So we had to stand still if you move you go to the back of the  line when I was running I felt like a person that had lots of lollies.  So a girl finally won by scaring Mr Moran her name was Jane she is Mrs Timmi. So I was trying to hold the keys so it these not make Noise and I do not have to go to the back.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Race day.2017

Paragraph 1: First we were sitting down in two lines waiting for our turn to run but Mr Moran called out half of the girls to run so Mr Moran slapped the red and black clapper.
P2: So I felt so nervous that I was going to pee my pants because it was so freezing cold you could freeze to death.
As I was running I felt like I can feel my papa beside me and jesus.
P3:Finally it was time for the girls to run so we run and I came 5th but Mr Moran wanted 1st 2nd 3rd 4th oooooo but I am sore ok.
P4: Now it is time for the boys to run so they run and all I know that John came first and at last the girls and boys that came 1st 2nd 3rd 4th had to do crab race so a crab race you walk with your hands and legs.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


We were doing a coding game  moana was in it.It started easy then very hard but you can see that I made up to level 11.

Musical Madness.

On a sunny beautiful morning  we went to the assembly because it was the first day of school and we need to do something cool.So all of Principles like Mrs Nua Mr Burt and Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobsen Mr Wiseman sing a song about musical madness and it was so amazing.  Soon all the kids were excited to know what they are going to learn about this term.  So now it is time for team 1 they are going to do is make there own song and own Instruments ‘‘isn't that so cool’’ .After a while it was time for team 2 they are learning about how to make there own song different kinds of toys is new it as a Instruments‘‘And I can not wait for the song they are going to learn and show as’’.  Now it is time for team 3 so  they are going to do is get different kind of songs get some of the lines and make stories with them so like lip seeking.  So now it is time for team 4 so they are going to do is learn how to play Instruments with some teachers. Finally it was time for team 5 so they are making there own song and  instruments.At last  We walk out from the hall and got ready to do some work.