Thursday, 30 March 2017

paper plan 2017

When who where:We went  with Mr Moran writing class we went inside the whare fono to do the world champion paper plane.

What : We went see who can thrower the forest in the pav.

Why: because we want to no who going to be the champion.

On tuesday we went to the whare fono to do paper plane champion and Mr Moran said that girls plays boys we had to walt in a line for our turn my went in foat of Mia and was a tai with but Mr Moran said that there be five in a group for a girl and a boy so I the five so went up to the sink  then I don not go into the finals but there was two girls that  went into the finals and three boys that went into the finals then the 1st was Valelil and 2rd was Siakupega and 3rd was Victoria.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Skats champs

Write a short summary of the story explaining:
What skate champs is, Who was there and what happened.

That luka and Dylan made it into the final and Dylan was the winner and luka came second.

Draw an image in pixlr of the skate champs competition.

Screenshot 2017-03-22 at 10.41.03.png

Thursday, 23 March 2017

When: In the morning we went to the relay race and obstacle at 9.30

Who:Mr moran and the class had 1 turn.
Where:we went on the field  to go and the obstacle.

What:We did running and getting dizzy on the pole.

In the morning we went to the relay race and obstacle at 9.30.  Mr Moran and the class had 1 turn. We went on the field to go on the obstacle course.  We did running and getting dizzy on the the pole.

As I was walk up to have my turn I looked up at Bradley he looked like he was faster than me. So it was my turn to race Bradley so I was going to do the obstacle course so we put our head on a pole and had to go round the pole 4 times.  Then we went to the next obstacle jumping over the hurdles and there was 2 on my side.  Then the 3rd obstacle course was the hula hoop we had to sriping.Then I went back as fast as I can to my line.

Friday, 17 March 2017

roller coaster ride. 2017

As I walk up to my seat I feat like a little girl went I walk up to my seat it start like going into a dark cave it superman we then you there a fire in all the school were you and at the end it said it superman!  then it stop and went up very fast in to the sky and then you go down you are going to have butterflies in your tummy.then the ride goes round and round the tree like superman and the ride is 40 scans on the roller coaster.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Haunted House

When  I wake up in  the middle of the night . I was in the middle of the fortes I was haunted house I went inside I saw a dead cat .I went upstairs but there was black hole on the stairs .So I find a phone to called my  and Dad. I went back outside  and I saw two graveI saw the gravel and said my mum name it like des mrs fiatamatlii my bother it said AJ faleono.  very very scared then then I went up stairs. I find a old old boat  it was like a Red boat and old old hat then I saw sea bat the sea like it was with Rabs and it was looking like a spooky sea I went back to the haunted house I looked outside and saw the broken glass skeleton bones and broken tree one of had cat on it and at the Crana  of my eye I saw there was some one so I ran  away from the fortes but very sip there was a nose some saw a green thing coming up to me  I was very scared but I was being Some I ran to the I was there so I look at it was 1753 year old.So I pick  it up said ‘’eww that is yaek to eat’’ because I was very so I went to get some food. When up it was a dream About the haunted house when it was my birthday .