Tuesday, 18 July 2017

5.winter journy

Hot Wheels SideWinder - Wikipedia Today we went to rainbows end we went on a scariest ride. We went up and  down up down and circles and then someone Pierced on the Roller coaster. Because they got  sick on the  Roller coaster Then we went to a scary movie once we get inside there was Zombies.coming out  so scary he pops out and lots of   clowns it looked like it was Halloween dear Lots of people ran out straight away because they were scared of the clowns. There was racing cars I went on the green car. We went up Superfast and we hit the ground super fast and we got very very tired.So we went home but then we woke up and we went to a park and we ate ice cream there.

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  1. Nina
    What a great idea to write about the holidays and a fantastic idea to write about an exciting experience such as going to Rainbows End. I really enjoyed reading about it because I have been to Rainbows End several times, so some of the rides and the experiences that you wrote about I knew about them from being there! It sounds like you had some wonderful experiences at Rainbows End and I liked how you wrote about some of the scary things and the kind of gross things to do with people being sick! Were there any rides that you wanted to go on that you didn't get to go on?

    Wonderful blog keep up the excellent work!

    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.