Sunday, 17 December 2017

Summer Learning journey.

1. I will pick the big black car.

2. Because if you cashed your car will not have to pay a lot because car are strong then small cars.

3. and it easier to dive.


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  2. Hey there Nina, thank you for completing so many activities already! Great job.

    That is such a good point. The big black car would not get as smashed as a small car. I never thought about that.

    Would you leave it as black or change the colour?
    How come you didnt choose the white car with wings? I think that one looked pretty flash to me!

    Thanks, Billy

    1. I picked the black one because feel that I am taller.and Because if I had one like that I will give it to my dad for Christmas,and I wish the car was Red and Black,

      Thanks Nina