Friday, 17 August 2018


So today we did a DMIC  Problem and it was very fun.

Number Knowledge.

So this is a Number Knowledge and it was so hard .Hope you ejoy.

Map run

So last week we did a map run so what that means is the run that we run everyday we had to measure it and When ever I run the lap I always have a sore leg. So hope you enjoy.


So Today we just doing finishing off work Friday  and this was so long so hope you enjoy.

Narrative .

Start writing here:

One sunny morning there were three young girls they were called the three Amigos!.One of them were elegant and muscular and her name was Sivaenah.The other one was charming and popular and her name was Mia
.The last one was like an
young girl islander she loved to explore the world but her favorite country to go is samoa and her name was Nina.

Then the three Amigos.They wanted to play with slime .There was a islander one and a pink and a blue. Then this boy called Simon came and stool it he was like a small evil person he was only 5 year old not to mean.His wife name was Zoe the and you know what zoe is older then him ‘’hahaha’’.


Thursday, 16 August 2018

Footprint Quiz.

So today we did a footprint Quiz and it was testing as to do the right thing on our Chromebook at home. 


So this is Add and sub and lots more hope you enjoy.